How to Create a New Account:

  1. Access the Simunition® Web Portal (
  2. Click the 'Create an Account' link on the Home page.
  3. Enter your Name, Email Address and Password in the required fields; Enter the security code at the prompt indicated; Click Create Account.
  4. An email will be sent to your email address to confirm your account creation.

How to Purchase the Course:

  1. Access the Simunition® Web Portal (
  2. Log into the portal by entering your email address and password at the designated prompts and clicking Login.
  3. Click the Course Offerings link on the Home Page.
  4. Click the link for the Simunition® Safety Certification course.
  5. Click the Purchase button at the bottom of the Course Detail page.
  6. Enter your information in the required fields. At the Access Code field, enter the Access Code provided to you by Simunition®. Access codes are provided to individuals after they have been screened and approved for the course.
  7. Click Purchase to purchase the course and gain access. You will receive an email confirmation to indicate you have been enrolled in the course.